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"If someone has been dating their significant other for less than a year, they don't necessarily have to be invited.

Also, remember to send your gift in advance, as bringing a box or gift bag to the event can cause clutter and confusion.MORE: 10 Wedding Gift Etiquette Mistakes You're Probably Making7. "Even if you have the worst seat or something was bad, never share that; never share bad news on a good day," Monn says. While you may have good intentions and think you're being helpful by recommending an amazing caterer or venue, it's best to keep any suggestions to yourself unless specifically asked by the bride or groom."You have to trust in yourself first, because when you start to second guess or listen to somebody else's opinion, you only get confused," says Monn.9.Guests should stick with colors that don't draw too much attention—like black—which Monn says is a safe bet because "your eye never sees black. "If it's a formal wedding in the summertime, then men should wear a white dinner jacket," Monn says."That's what it was meant for, and almost nobody even knows that anymore." For this reason, depending on the setting of the wedding, the groom can also step away from the traditional black tuxedo suit.3. When planning your wedding, seasonality is a huge factor that affects everything from the flowers to the colors of the bridesmaid's dresses."It's very important to make certain that you're not doing things that will change how someone is having a good time," said Monn.

Whatever you do, just be sure to keep the party moving. When it comes to speeches, there should be no more than three: one for the bride's parents, one for the groom's parents, and possibly one other speech reserved for someone important.

Otherwise, making sure the gift is thoughtful and personal. Do you need to buy a separate gift for the engagement party?

While an engagement gift is always appreciated, it's not a requirement, according to Monn.

"If you know they can't come but they would be on your list, then you should definitely send an invitation," Monn says.

While a far-away guest or older relative may not be able to attend the actual wedding, making them feel included and letting them know you were thinking of them is always appreciated. How do you keep guests from getting bored or anxious?

, there are plenty of rules to follow from the moment you receive that carefully-crafted invitation in the mail. "Probably the worst faux pas, I think ever, is for someone to wear white at a wedding," says Monn.