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Through privatization, SK Group became Korea Mobile Telecommunications Corp.'s largest shareholder in June 1994.

In October 1994, Korea's first CDMA system was introduced to the public for the first time.

The company’s online brands include "Nate," a web portal; "June," a mobile multimedia service; "Moneta," an e-banking mobile app; "Nate Drive," a telematics service and "Digital Home," an online interface to remote-control household appliances.

Online services are offered through tech subsidiary SK Communications, which also dominates the social networks market in South Korea.

In October 2000, SK Telecom became the second operator in the world after NTT Do Co Mo to launch a commercial 3G service using W-CDMA technology.

In January 2002, this was followed up by launching the world's first CDMA2000 1x EV-DO network, offering greatly increased data transmission speeds to preexisting 2G networks.

Later that year South Korea got its first commercial CDMA (IS-95A) network.

Operating in Seoul in October, it is considered one of the world's earliest commercial CDMA networks.

In January 1995, KMTC reached the one million subscriber mark.

Korea Mobile Telecommuncations became the third Korean firm to be listed on the NYSE exchange (ADR) in June 1996.

SK Group completed its takeover of KMTC in January 1997, as it became the world's sixth carrier to attain ten million subscriptions.

Around that time, it also began constructing the Northeast Asian CDMA belt encompassing China, Japan, Vietnam, and the rest of the Asian continent.

"Cyworld" is the largest social media site by membership and "Nate On" is the number one instant messaging client.