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Now, a few days later, their insistence on their own authority has gummed up the works of the otherwise clichéd national debate.

Their calls for action may not lead to any imminent change in policy.

Their lives have been drenched in media, and they have made much of that media themselves. And when their story suffered a catastrophe, they told it.

The current cohort came to heightened political awareness during the 2016 election, meaning they have watched the logic of Twitter absorb the presidency while adopting and adjusting the language of Twitter—and Snapchat and Instagram—for themselves.They bicker about the intersectional politics of young-adult novels on Tumblr; they trade in a constantly shifting visual culture of memes and half-remembered Vines.In the brief video he captured, a female student whose name was not given appeared to see the shooting as a political event—even before it ended.“I don’t really think there’s anything new to say, but there shouldn’t have to be,” she told Hogg.“Because if you looked around this closet and saw everyone just hiding together, you would know that this shouldn’t be happening anymore, and that it doesn’t deserve to happen to anyone.”This is what astonished and confronted me while watching Stoneman Douglas High’s speakers for the dead.High-school students—the survivors of the calamity themselves—became the voice of the tragedy.

Tweets that were widely reported as coming from the students expressed grief for the victims, pushed against false reports, and demanded accountability.Hogg, the Douglas student who talked to CNN, is also a student journalist.With keen reportorial instinct, he interviewed his fellow students —in a closet, in a classroom, while the school remained on lockdown.But this is the largest Of course, not all teens may get the same hearing.Stoneman Douglas is a mostly white school in a mostly upper-middle-class area.Even as the shooting was happening, many of them talked about it not as an inexplicable catastrophe, not as an unforeseeable tragedy, but as something that just happens. It was something they had trained for, something they had perhaps visualized in their head once or twice before.