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After taking a long hot bath every day, it is easier to get dressed with body powder on myself.

How come I didn’t know such tactic all these years? Also, I’m enjoying using the dust powder as an alternative to perfume. Finally, the edc, I can only wear it with diluting the silage in half with non scented skin lotion in an atomizer. I was so curious to try Tabu after reading his history and especially the fact that is one ofthe first orientals. But to me Tabu speaks a different language,different than what i mostly see in many other review and articles ..probably because of the fragrances that i smelled on many people during my childood.

The warmth of this fragrance makes it ideal for the colder season but i enjoyed wearing Tabu also during summer,i love spices all year long.

Now i want to wear Tabu at nightime,with nice clothes and lot of makeup.

I've reviewed Tabu before but I inexplicably feel the need to say even more about this beloved fragrance of mine because I love it so!

It's one of the few that lasts all day on me as well, which is an added plus for my notoriously perfume-devouring skin.Print delivery available within the newspaper distribution area only.By submitting your address and/or email, you understand that you may receive promotional offers from Gate House Media and its related companies.Billing continues for the first seven days and subscriber maintains access to the digital portion of the subscription.Credit is given after the initial seven-day period.The first fragrance of the house was Tabu, created by Jean Carles 1932.