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So the three of us went back to our home where my wife and John still wanted to party.

So I grabbed a bottle of wild turkey and gave John a bottle of Jack Daniels which was his favorite.

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She was very pleased with the eight inch member she pulled out which she stroked and then sucked into her mouth.I told my wife that I would pick her up at the party around two in the morning so she could have a safe ride home.An old friend of mine who worked for the same company as she did said he would stop and pick her up for me.My wife Helena was going to her company Christmas party which I unfortunately was not able to attend.I had to go to a friend’s to help him install his Christmas lights on his house so his old lady would stop bitching at him.His hand was fondling her tits he slid it down to her legs and ran it up her skirt to her black lace panties.