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Page 65 Volleyball fever: The high school volleyball sea^n moved into full swing Tuesday ni^L Pages 656 Food,&-Home wild wild West: Dtamnn H' Held Jack’s has atmos- phere. Page 01 In a pickle: Martha Stewart ' shares pickling dps. - ■ ■Soorts.r....'....53 ' Lincoln County proceeding will examine deaths By Liz Wrigbt The Ttoe^Newi ' SHOSHONE - Today ia die linmla Coun^ omrthouse - tbe iztvesjga- tors and witnesses, cnroner and ju rors wi U for aa • fhrww mem- bers of - said.

The Iraqi flag over die parlia- ment bidlcjing replaced the flag of the Pot riotic U nion.

The PUK’s hands of die Kurdistan Dmocratic Party, although the power failure prevented broadcasts.

“They had dinner with us and they left Nobadtreatmcn L" v Aside from the soldiers guarding the parli^cnt building, the Iraqi tanks and truckloads of troops were gone Tuesday.

But their campaign to oust the Kurdish guorr Ulas of the Kurdistan Democratic Party e^obrato In Irbil, Iraq, Sunday, after they seized the nialn Kurdish city from the rival Patriotic Union of ^rdistan: : — ^ ^ PUK seemed to continue.

— : ^ ‘— Dole endo Ses missile strike in Iraq befor e v et s SALT LAKE CTTy (AP) — Bob Dole received a standing ovadon vice commander of the Legion Dole i Tvl”^ Presideni Oiriton’s and was interrupted several times from Roy, Utah, said, “1 antiapat- strikes in Iraq before an with boisterous opp;tou^from his ed the attack It w-iu prot^Iyow- audience ^ veterans Tuesday, say- audience, made tip heavily of due.

But I don’t thl^ it tv-as polin- me, “In matters like this all of us World Warn-cra veterans.. This is a non-para- think not as Republicans or Overall, some 15,000 sani^e.” -- Democrats but as Americans." Legionnaires and their families Dole and Clinton talked by The Republican pres- for about five idential nominee, who . Butwewertkindof ^preciation” for ^tideringaboutt/ielim'mgofil. Wasitaainddeace SSSl S, ; tkuik d^on ksningdoser ■ Ms itadanorreservadon.” f Ameri Cah'Le Blon) Dole received a standing ovadon and was interrupted sevei^ tima with boisterous opp^u^from his audience, made tip heavily of World War n-era veterans..Most shops remained dosed and windows shuttered, but streets buzzed with traffic and pedestrians.Strong winds filled people’s eyes with dust in the 104-dcgrce heat os of meat from outdoor vendors.. was almost back to normal, when just the day before some 40- SO -Iraqi tanks and perhaps 15 trucks of Iraqi soldiers had occu- pied the city, resident Hiwa inianat Sahinsaid. oear Abby 2 ■ 0bituaries.;;:.,..2 ^ ^ Comics..........-..?"We reserve the right to take future military actions,” said Defense Secretary William Perry.At the outskirts of this newly calm dty, heavy shelling echoed from the sou Ui, where PUK rebels fled and where guerrillas with the Baghdad- allied Kurdistan Democratic Party fo Umved Most likely, Iraqi soldiers followed, too.