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Her amazing comic panels bring the posts to life, with topics like “Online Dating: The Saga Continues” and the series “How to Make Functional Friendships.” URL: Bragging Rights: an Atlanta dating scene blog Misadventures in Atlanta comes from the Atlanta Journal Constitution, where The Wise Diva spoons out dating tips and insight with a decidedly cynical approach.

Topics are irreverent, like “Do We Really Want Someone Freaky? ” The full archive runs back to February 2009 with frank discussion from an active adult readership.

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We exchanged numbers and decided to go out to dinner the next night.He picked me up at my apartment and said he liked my outfit, not because it looked good, but because it matched his outfit.Our favorite articles include “Psycho-Chicks and the Men Who Create Them” and “How to Avoid Being Fooled by a Fake Profile.” Social Clout: 896 followers, 144 likes URL: Bragging Rights: from the bizarre to the downright weird After running through “every last weirdo within a 50-mile radius (and sometimes farther afield),” Jemma James kicked off her hilarious site aimed at the ridiculousness of online dating.See countless oddballs attempt to seduce her in the online message archive.These poor exes who fell out of love would've been better off leaving the past in the past, cause these cringeworthy attempts and fails at getting back in their partners' good graces are just shameful.

His name was Craig and I met him the night before at a party.

URL: Bragging Rights: life and other disasters At The Impossible Girl Blog, an unnamed author looks at the mundane and insane adventures of dating in the digital world.

Much of the content is drawn around pop culture, including movies and TV.

From bearded ladies to “Ren & Stimpy,” she dissects her adventures of online dating with cutting criticism and unflinching honesty.

She’s out to find a high-caliber man, even if it kills her.

He had planned out the next 6 months of our lives and this was our first date.