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The scam sites are believed to have enriched the men to the tune of more than £34 million since they were set up in 2004, taking advantage of millions of lonely men who wasted time and money engaging in online conversations with employees operating fake accounts.

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Also of interest is a fun walking safari through an African-style savanna providing up close views of lions, giraffes, rhinos, and cheetahs.

Arnhem's Museum of Modern Art (Museum voor Moderne Kunst Arnhem), set in the splendid gardens of the Reeberg, occupies an old mansion that once housed an exclusive Gentlemen's Club.

Founded in 1912 by ordinary Dutch citizens wanting to preserve traditional ways of life and folk art from different parts of the country, this excellent museum focuses on the living and working conditions of both the rural population - farmers, craftsmen, and fishermen - as well as townsfolk up to the start of the 1900s.

Highlights include typical farmhouses and fishermen's homes, windmills of all kinds, and a variety of craft workshops occupied by costumed guides demonstrating traditional skills.

Other employees sent members unsolicited emails posing as 'cute' young women who just wanted somebody to talk to online - an offer many lonely male members were reluctant to refuse despite knowing the 'women' had no intention of meeting them in the real world.

By investing that little bit more money in their scam and using real human beings to trick customers rather than automated emails, the fake dating sites were able to convince the victims that the messages were more than just worthless spam.

Visitors will also see a steam sawmill from Groenlo, a steam-driven dairy from Veenwouden, and an entire group of houses from the Zaan area, all brought here from their original sites.

, was famously held by British paratroopers for four days against overwhelming odds during 1944's Market Garden airborne operation.

One of the cities targeted by Operation Market Garden in 1944, it's a delightful place to explore on foot thanks to its many parks and pleasant pedestrian zones.

One of the most popular is the Valkhof, an attractive park on a low hill above the Waal on the site of an imperial stronghold built by Charlemagne in 768 AD.

Also of interest is the Belvedere, an old 16th-century watchtower, and the Grote Kerk (St. A short stroll from the Netherlands Open Air Museum, the Royal Burgers' Zoo is also well worth a visit, especially if you're traveling with youngsters.