Girl dating connecticut

In fact, Nutmeggers have a knack for finding the best lakes, too.As nature explorers, they don't just rely on Yelp ratings.

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Otherwise, hearing them talk about the Red Sox vs the Yankees, the Jets vs Giants, and how the UConn Basketball team is legendary will drive you nuts.Dealing with windy roads and commuters from New York and Jersey has convinced Connecticut drivers that they know best, So be prepared to hear about how you keep taking the long way and making awkward turns. So I hope you don't mind someone clinging to you all winter long because Nutmeggers love sharing body warmth.That may be a biased opinion, but I have reasons for thinking it!Check out this list to find out what makes dating someone from Connecticut different from the rest of the pool!If you want to find secret water holes in the woods, date someone from Connecticut!

Folks from Connecticut are extremely community minded, so they love meeting people and will likely have a lot of friends. I want to I am a very simple and easy going person with good personality I like to smile and to meet new people.. In return I am ready to be honest, loyal, loving and caring, making every day the happiest day with my smile, my love and my positivity!The car crashed into the yard of a Waterbury, Conn. Police found Pittman “visibly shaken” and suffering from “some bumps and bruises,” Waterbury Police Deputy Chief Spagnolo told WFSB.Police are investigating the relationship between Santiago and Pittman."I hope she's looking down at me right now and knows that I really love her, and I wish she was here with us today." Pittman was charged with murder and various weapons violations.