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I also appreciated that Claire is open and honest about how reading these passages has changed her viewpoints and the journey that she has been on reading Gods word.I personally enjoyed the chapter on Proverbs 31 - understanding how this 'perfect woman' should be understood in light of the genre it is written, how we can receive encouragement, and also be relieved we don't have to live up to all her perfect examples.She clearly lays out the arguments against gender role distinctions and answers them persuasively through biblical exegesis.

The book is engaging and easy to read without being "light and fluffy".I would throughly recommend this book to all Christians, whether single or married, old or young, in ministry or in the pews.It is so important for women to know the specific instructions God has given us in his Holy word.This book is my go to whenever women have a question regarding a number of topics, some of which are tricky to talk about in light of some feminist views.Although Claire Smith was a young adult when she came to know Jesus, it wasn't until she went to theological college that she noticed parts of the Bible that challenged her feminist views.

Studying these passages led to radical changes in her life.Smith is even handed in dealing with the Scriptures and acknowledges the counter-arguments and addressing these.She carefully examines each passage in the light of the whole of Scripture and acknowledges the few instances where the passage is not perfectly clear, but outlines the best understandings of that passage.Those interested in careful discussion rather than caustic debate will discover that God’s design is not confining or discriminatory but beautiful, wise, liberating, and good. Köstenberger (Ph D, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School) is the senior research professor of New Testament and biblical theology at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina.He is a prolific author, distinguished evangelical scholar, and editor of the Margaret E.Too often we put these same passages in the 'too hard basket', or we make up our minds without taking a close look at them for ourselves.