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South Texas Pioneers President Deberah Joseph, though, said an agreement has been reached with AT&T, which owns many of the objects, to place the collection in storage.Some of the artifacts, which range from wire splicers to switchboards, could be displayed at AT&T buildings, she said.Long ago, in the days of wire-based communication, before the cellphone or even the rotary dial, there was the operator.

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The museum is named after her late husband, Clyde "Doc" Porter, who is credited with expanding the facility, founded in 1966, to its ...

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On display are switchboards, including a Braille model, and photos of the intrepid women at work.

The operator's role as intervenor in completing every call began to wane with the introduction of dial-it-yourself rotary phones in 1919.

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For almost 50 years, the operator and her analog world have been celebrated at Houston's telephone museum, a quirky collection of granny-era technology surprising in its ingenuity.