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We included the leaders and the girls in the ole switch-a-roo, so we all got a chance to chat. Feel free to print them out and use them for your own activity!

Most of the speed dating websites say 3-5 minutes is generally the limit. I’d love to know how yours went, so if you try it, leave me a comment! , Uncategorized, Youth Activity and tagged activity, fun, get to know you, lds, mormon, mutual, mutual activity, speed dating, young women, yw.

Teachers could share what the youth are learning in their classes so parents can reinforce those principles in the home.

It has over 165 ideas for worthwhile activities in ten different categories.One feature on this site allows classes to spread word of their activity through email or ward calendar options.🙂 At our last presidency meeting we all came to the conclusion that we’d lost touch with our girls.With babies being born and holidays, we just kinda got caught up in ourselves and felt very distant.I just made up a nifty new name for this section of the blog. I figured since I’m in the Young Women’s presidency at church, and I’m in charge of activities that I might as well post what we’ve done.

But I’ll probably only post the successful ones because I don’t want y’all to know what a loser I am sometimes.Maybe you need to go to Mutual because someone there needs something only you can give.”In my idealized memory of this event, she attended Mutual with a different attitude.Even if that is a slightly romanticized ending, I learned something important from that tidbit of inspiration, which has stuck with me through the years.The relaxed atmosphere is a perfect setting for fellowshipping the less active and for introducing nonmembers to the Church.It fosters an ideal atmosphere for forming meaningful relationships with peers and adult leaders.It is a place for young men and young women to learn how to socially interact appropriately with one another.