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He also dated to actress Charlotte Kemp Muhl in 2004 but he ended his relationship with her in 2005. Matthew dated to actress Marisa Morris from 2008 to 2010. Matthew is rumoured to have hooked up with Taylor Swift in 2013.

No one has ever explored — it's a very unique and lucky position to be in, but no one's ever explored how can you — there's no class on keeping that fresh or keeping your sanity amidst that very fortunate situation, so I see all my other projects — I don't know.

I've always stayed busy, though."Directing, he said, gives him the satisfaction he gets when he makes art — the ability to realize a more or less uncompromised vision, to not be "a tool in someone else's hand." The actor, in fact, doesn't like the idea of being an actor.

"I've occasionally worn them matching, but something strange always happens on those days, whether it be spraining an ankle or messing up a knee," he said. He explained that when he first moved into the house, a friend from New York took a photograph, and when she developed it, she saw the face of a little girl looking out from one of his windows. I asked if there were anything else."That's sort of it," he said. As I was walking down the street, the car that had been parked outside the house (Gubler's car, I found out) drove past me, which made me suspect that he was, in fact, in the house the whole time. I wondered then why he'd opened the gate at all, why a self-described control freak would allow anyone in, let alone a stranger with a tape recorder. "Here's my impression of me doing an interview." He started speaking at a high pitch.

One of these incidents (ankle-related) was caught on film in The Life Aquatic; his injury is in the final cut. "I was in a movie over hiatus where I had to wear matching socks — I had shorts on," he said. To protect, protect that."His belief in the talismanic power of socks leads almost naturally to a world of spirits. 1920s, some stained glass, haunted" — the last word in the sentence he said casually. Soon after, an Australian woman he'd just met saw a little girl's face peering out of the same window. "' Blah blah blah, I'm so weird, ooh look at me, wow, oh and I grew up, now I'm coooool, blah blah blah.

Spencer Reid in the CBS television show “Criminal Minds”.

Matthew was born to John Gunler and mother, a rancher and political consultant Marilyn.Matthew Gray Gubler didn't want to show me his paintings.Since his own house was being renovated, the Criminal Minds actor was staying at his friend's house in Los Angeles; I asked if he'd been painting there."Nothing good, to be honest," he said, sitting in the shade in slippers. "Because I always worry about, not worry, but my nightmare is making someone see something in the flesh, and then making them, like, they feel some responsibility to pretend to like it. I'll go up to that window." He pointed to a window in the house." he offered without a beat."Maddening, yeah," I said."It is for — I'm a control freak, which is why I love directing," he said."I feel like I'm in a very rare group of actors who have played the same character for nine years…"I always thought it's a profession that you have no control over," he said.