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3) At first, the novelty makes things interesting and the sexual energy is high.

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Just go to: Advanced Dating Techniques Watch my free video where I reveal the 4 Laws of Attraction and how to use these 4 laws to meet and get any woman you want.

Do you wish that you could just meet and settle down with Mr Right?

and by doing so teach others to recognize it whether it happens over ten minutes or ten months. Here's the all-too-common pattern: 1) Boy meets girl.

2) Girl happens to be unusually attractive, and knows it... It also happens with more "average" women as well).

Do you dread dating or are you struggling to turn dating into a relationship?

For many women dating is not an enjoyable experience because really all they want is to get straight to the happy, loving, secure relationship.

But dating is not just about settling for the first man that comes along and putting up with his sloppy behaviour.

It's about finding the man that will love and cherish you. When you first meet a guy, there is potential for all sorts of dating mistakes.

So my questions are: Do I need to do something different? I would be very grateful for your advice to my situation.

If I do how do I change the path I am on because we have been going out for several months? Answer: I rarely put my two cents in when it comes to the "relationship" game.

) 6) Boy begins losing control and grows up into a fine young Girly-Man.