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Like all Hassies until the most recent H1 (and the X-Pan), the 1600F was 6x6 medium format on 120 film, used interchangeable film backs, viewfinders, and lenses.From a distance, a 1600F is indistinguishable from a Hassie 500.

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You can recognize the second-generation Acute-Matte D screens by the two small D-shaped notches in the bottom right or left corner (barely visible in bottom right corner of the screen in the photo above).

Many photographers with 500C/Ms replaced their older dimmer screens with Acute Mattes when they came out, so you'll find many 500C/Ms with them. I believe the 500C/M is the minimum model you should buy used. Some are in good shape, but others need CLAs (clean-lube-adjusts).

An Acute-Matte screen costs about 0-300 separately (depending on its vintage, D's are more expensive) so try to buy a 500C/M which has one already installed.

A good condition 500C/M kit (body; waist level finder; back; and 80mm C T* lens) should cost you between 0-1400 depending on condition and whether you're getting a used camera warrantee with it.

After the 500 C/M, there were other models in the 500 line, most with relatively minor revisions and some features removed for cost-cutting purposes.

The 503CX with TTL OTF (through-the-lens off the film) metering was a god-send for some wedding photographers who shoot PJ (photo-journalist) style using wide, tele or other non-standard lenses; but it's not that critical (non-TTL auto-flash works well enough for most of us).They were very popular with studio-photographers and because many pros are going digital, are quite cheap on the secondary market.Here are the EL models that I know about in rough order of production: Note: Using the text or images on this site in an ebay auction without permission is a violation of your ebay Terms of Service.Pushing these outwards with your fingernail allows the screen to pop out.Much later on (in the late 1980s), Hasselblad replaced the older Hasselblad screens with the brighter Minolta-made Acute-Matte fresnel focusing screen.The 500 series is renowned for its excellent optics, sturdiness, reliability, and compact size.