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She has done modelling for , and played in the Legends Football League—formerly and better known as the Lingerie Football League—for the Chicago Bliss.

So she's not exactly an elite-level athlete like Toews, but you could make the argument that she's more watchable.

He never smiles or laughs, even when he scores a huge goal or should be celebrating.

"At this point, I don't necessarily think we need a wedding planner," Avery said.

"I could set this wedding up in the next couple of weeks, and everything would run smoothly.

Hockey has a lower profile than basketball, baseball, or football in North America, so its players fly under the radar a little more.

Hockey players are generally more reserved than the athletes from other pro sports, too.

But generally, it's safe to say that anyone looking to settle down with a hockey player is in for a more laid-back life than an NBA or NFL wife.

Given that hockey players are a quiet bunch, it's always surprising when they end up with someone famous.

"We're just getting it together now after a year and a half of being engaged," Rhoda revealed to "We're just starting to meet with wedding planners and figuring out when we're going to do it, but we're aiming for the fall.

We're getting married in the Hamptons.""We have a house out here," the 28-year-old model told the publication when asked why she and the former NHL player chose the location.

This may be unfair to say, but I've always thought that there was something kind of creepy about Jonathan Toews.

He always has that deer in the headlights kind of look on his face.

", "series Title" : "Red Carpet Moment", "guid" : "240904", "description" : "Will the recently engaged \"Shameless\" actress give any details on her upcoming nuptials?