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It may also include pork sausage and a small salad.

Parts of Honduras located on or near the coast serve a variety of fresh seafood in their dishes, while other areas of the country will feature beef, chicken or pork more often.In cities, you can find a wide range of cuisines, including American fast food chains, Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese and Indian food. It is customary for a basket of fresh, warm tortillas to be present on the table at any meal.Christmas and Easter are both widely celebrated in Honduras.The exact meals served for these occasions may vary, but the emphasis is on a very large and filling feast.While these tortillas are used in many dishes -- such as enchiladas and chilaquiles -- they are also eaten plain. Beans, white cheese, fried plantains and avocados are other staples in this country.

The featured dishes of Honduras typically feature different configurations of corn, beans, and some meat or vegetables. This is a tortilla filled with re-fried beans and cream or cheese.

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Strong Honduran coffee is a staple nearly everywhere.

Licuados are a type of fruit smoothie which is widely available in tropical fruit flavors such as banana and mango.

For birthdays, the meal is slightly smaller and less elaborate, but may feature more treats such as candy and chocolate.