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Nebraska is the only team that has had consecutive winners of both of these awards.

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This was before we knew what was going on with season affect disorder and Vitamin D!

Didn't know what a real winter looked like until I got to Wisconsin. No getting away from your Dairy Roots when working at U. While I had formulated and lactose free recovery beverage to accommodate our minority athletes I might have been one of the first on record to recommend chocolate milk as a recovery beverage in this '90 summer conditioning book as per my fact checking with the National Dairy Counsel folks.

Dett and I held down the fort in the Mc Clain Weight Room and Myrland covered the old weight room under the stadium at the time for some of the Olympic sports.

In either case the weight rooms were under ground so you came in when it was dark and left when it was dark!

Kennedy was at Ohio State and Texas A & M and is now with the Tampa Bay Bucs.

We all worked full time plus and managed to pull off college at the same time as undergraduates!We stand on the shoulders of folks like George who took the time to invest in a bunch of wet behind the ears kids.Pay it forward all the time George ;)So at this Sugar Bowl vs.Steinkuhler attended the University of Nebraska, where he won the Outland Trophy, given to the nation's top offensive lineman, in 1983.Steinkuhler also won the Lombardi Award in 1983, marking the second consecutive year a Nebraska player had won that award as Rimington had also won the Lombardi in 1982.Barry had a former Nebraska Football athlete hired (Scott Raridon) to staff out his strength staff who came sniffing for my help and I made the move to what would be as close to being a head strength coach as I would ever be while working in the collegiate ranks.