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This park provides world class snorkeling and scuba diving in the ocean, swimming in a pool or in the sea with dolphins, great food, exotic drinks and so much more. The lagoon at Chankanaab Park has ancient history in that it was at one time occupied by Mayan settlements and was possibly a pirate refuge.

Thanks to a Jacques Cousteau documentary on its world-class reefs it has been a favorite international diving destination since 1961.It is literally swimming with diving sites - about 100 have been identified around Cozumel, and at least a dozen of them are shallow enough for snorkeling. The island's only town, San Miguel de Cozumel, is easily traversed by foot.The waterfront Avenida Rafael Melgar is generally bustling with cruise-ship tourists; wander off the track a little for a dose of the vibrant local scene.Plaza Del Sol, the town's main square, is a popular spot for strolling, hanging out and people-watching, especially on Sunday evenings when all of the locals seem to be out, soaking up the atmosphere.Be careful to leave the area no less pristine than it was before your arrival.

To get to this reef, which is over a kilometer (not quite a mile) off shore, you can sign up for a day cruise or charter a boat from a tour agency.Much of the east and northeast region of the island is 4WD territory - and provides great opportunity for peaceful escape.The airport is a mere 2km (1mi) north of town; there is a minibus that will take you into town.Located 27 km on the south Costal Road, this destination is an ecological reserve which contains a variety of natural wonders.Approximately 1,113 hectares provide conservation and preservation of its 5 ecosystems.Originally Faro Celarain was the lighthouse keeper's home.