Intimidating eye black

Our Athletic Eye Black material is used in production of all of our products so you can be assured that you are wearing what the pros wear!High visibility, high quality, and designed to meet budgets from large to small scale events.

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But, after seeing how ineffective the tanks were, the Germans ridiculed them and so didn’t develop their own tanks until much later in the war.While gas masks on adults are creepy enough, they’re nowhere near as eerie as baby gas masks.The varied and unusual things we’ve designed to cover our faces throughout the years are astonishing and more than a little strange.Stare at images of these masks long enough and you’re bound to get the heebie-jeebies.Two keys to success when raising awareness are visibility and fun.

Eye Black is the perfect product to meet both of these needs, while being able to meet anyone's budget.Slave owners supposed this practice was unhealthy and were told by physicians that it would give their slaves depression, stomachaches, dropsy, poor appetite, shortness of breath, and vertigo.So, in an attempt to protect their “property,” slave owners outfitted the dirt-eaters with disturbing, mouth-blocking masks that they had to wear even while laboring in humid, dangerously hot conditions.Back then, tank engineering was in its infancy, and the vehicles weren’t nearly as formidable as they are today.They only moved about as fast as a person could walk, broke down constantly, and could be destroyed with heavy artillery.This meant anyone inside the tank was highly susceptible to gunfire, fiery shards of metal, and other shrapnel.