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We often do not know why some things are covered until a yet later manifestation ties it together. I’ve consulted 2016 on well over a hundred occasions throughout 2017 only to see details remained cloaked until the next shoe dropped.

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Some of the specifics covered touch on upwards of five.If you pay attention you will easily identify most of these.In May, he became the first sitting President to visit THE wall.He did something that would forever change world history and do more to accelerate end times events than anything in the last half century. The Jerusalem declaration, against the better judgment of his advisers and world leaders, would never had happened apart from this.Artificial Intelligence has grown leaps and bounds along with quantum computing. On all fronts, science, entertainment and finance we are poised to see the most rapid and life altering advancements yet to be witnessed.

That which we would expect to take 10 years is now condensed into 1 year.

Abraham, the man through whom the Jewish people descended was born 1948 years from the first man, Adam.

The Second Adam, the only begotten Son of God would lay down his life in Jerusalem where He foretold the destruction of the Temple that was “without one stone left upon another” 1948 years ago.

It’s a good fit for the Trump era, but not perfect.

From Matt Sedensky AP – “It’s almost like one of those horror rides at the amusement park where every time it heads into the next segment it gets worse,” said noted trendspotter Marian Salzman.

In 2017 we witnessed the stage being set for the final act.