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While a fan might take a chance on a single, an album purchase was a big thing in those days.

Due to its higher price, youngsters, particularly those in the U. That is why the Beatles often issued an EP from an album containing four of its best tracks.

So Brian sent Capitol the butcher photo, knowing that it might ultimately be rejected, but at least it would deflect attention away from the provocative coffin trunk cover.The plan worked to perfection with the Butcher cover causing so much controversy that when it was “replaced” by the trunk cover, no one noticed it showed Paul lying in a coffin!Airplane crashes were the norm.” Having sold the group on the idea, the Beatles had to decide which one of them was to “die.” Brian wanted the victim to be Ringo because he was the most popular Beatle in the all-important U. market, but the drummer wanted nothing to do with it.Tony Barrow recalls, “Ringo flat out refused to be the one.He didn’t think people would buy such albums and came up with this great idea to push sales in the event he was right and we were wrong.

The idea was that we would plant clues in our songs and album covers that one of us had died in a car wreck.The 1966 version of the song referred to Brian Epstein, who was the mastermind behind the death clues. Epstein can do will keep me here with you.” With Ringo and George not willing to “die” for the good of the group, it came down to John and Paul, with both thinking it would be fab to be “dead.” Paul recalls, “John wanted to be the dead Beatle, but this time I didn’t cave in to John like I did on the songwriter credits.I thought it should be me because I was the second most popular Beatle.They think John’s the clever one.’ So I got to die.” A few days after the “Paperback Writer” listening session, the group was at Brian’s office when photographer Bob Whitaker dropped by with the pictures from the butcher session.Brian asked Whitaker to shoot a picture of Paul in steamer trunk to symbolize his lying dead in a coffin. “Bob thought it was too direct, so he suggested we stand the truck upwards and have me sit in it with the other standing around.“Nothing re-energizes a singer’s career like his death.