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Examples include a mobile number, a birthday, or an address.Because this information can be stored in that user’s Active Directory account, we can easily modify our password reset command to retrieve these values: In just a few lines of code, we are able to really streamline the account reset/unlock procedure!This module contains eighty-one Power Shell cmdlets and every command contains QAD within the name.

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As well as these routine tasks, there are the more monotonous ‘housekeeping’ tasks that tend to get delegated to the interns.Those tasks include removing accounts that are no longer needed, the bulk modification of an attribute, and renaming groups of computers in reorganization. In this article, I’ll cover an automated Power Shell solution to each of these problems.For the busy administrator of a windows domain, any regular task or housekeeping process should be automated, and the Cmdlets that are now provided with Active Directory have improved to the point that there is no serious contender to Power Shell for the task. Any system administration task in that is regularly repeated should be automated!With the management of Active Directory (AD), that is a surprisingly high number of tasks.These scripts are written to stand alone and so contain any configuration that is necessary.

The first two scripts work best when embedded within your Active Directory Users and Computers console.

Let’s start with a universal problem: resetting user passwords and unlocking accounts. In a perfect world, it would be great to know if their password has expired and if so, whether the expiration is giving the user trouble.

With Power Shell, we can make this perfect world possible through this command: So far, we have queried for our user and gathered any relevant information that would allow us to quickly diagnose the problem.

In some, you might see commands like: Get-ADComputer or Set-ADObject.

In other scripts, you might see: Get-QADComputer or Set-QADObject. Because, there are two methods of Active Directory management with Power Shell Commands such as Get-QADComputer belong to the Quest AD Power Shell cmdlets.

Finally, we need a way to reset the user’s password and to unlock their account.