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Faculty Sisters in Crime/Los Angeles and So Cal Mystery Writers of America welcome an outstanding complement of authors, agents, editors, publishers, and experts to the 2017 CCWC program faculty.You can learn more about each of them in the bios below.He spent 35 years with the Los Angeles Police Department where his high profile Special Assault Units regularly produced the highest number of detective initiated arrests and highest crime clearance rates in the city.

Her experience with academic publishing has taught her to take nothing personally.Speaker: Laura Brennan Website: On screens large and small, Laura Brennan has lopped characters' heads off, shot them, garroted them, and sometimes fed them to dinosaurs. His novel Go Down Hard, a noir romp (Brash Books) was called "a crime novel dream" by ALA's Booklist.Currently, he is shopping around his mystery/comedy P. Her bestselling debut novel, Plantation Shudders, as nominated for Agatha, Lefty, and Daphne awards.A Cajun Christmas Killing launches October 10 Speaker: Eric Campbell Website: Eric Campbell is the founder and publisher of Down & Out Books.She believes if life isnt fair, at least it can be entertaining.

In addition to writing the Professor Molly mysteries and a #1 Kindle Worlds series, she publishes in scholarly journals under her real name.

Keep coming back — additional bios will be added as our faculty grows.

Guest of Honor: Hallie Ephron Website: Hallie Ephron is a New York Times bestselling author of suspense.

His Derringer nominated short story, Not My Day, appeared in the Last Exit to Murder anthology. He is also a magician and lives with a dog named Seymour.

He is finished converting his novella, The Mindreading Murders into a novel. Speaker: Ellen Byron Website: Body on the Bayou, the second in Ellens Cajun Country Mystery series, won the Lefty Award for Best Humorous Mystery, and is nominated for a Best Contemporary Novel Agatha Award.

Speaker: Kathy Aarons Website: Kathy Aarons is the author of the nationally bestselling CHOCOLATE COVERED MYSTERY series by Berkley Prime Crime.