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poorly written they are, I have decided to go through and rewrite all of my old stories.

I will be starting with my one-shots and working through my chaptered stories.

Inutaisho (Toga) and Sesshoumaru's mother (Kimiko) alive!

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I'm pretty much just going to be rewriting all of them.The school year is almost over, so i should be able to update a lot more (hopefully), and i will try my hardest to finish the stories I have already posted before I post anymore.Harry has to show everyone that, even if he doesn't have a prophecy claiming his power, he's got enough to stand out on his own.SLASHAfter the Jewel is stolen and the wish is made, Kagome finds herself cursed with immortality.Unfortunately most of my chaptered stories are still on hold as I rewrite and finish them, I apologise for how long this is taking!

After reading through all of my old stories and feeling sort of mortified by how...

Even though I haven't been updating, i have been writing so I have a lot of stories to share to you all :)Hey guys, so I've re-uload F-ing Perfect (Naruto Fanfic).

Fanfiction took the story off as the title/summary didn't meet the guidlines, So I've changed it to meet them and hopefully it can stay online. Fanfiction Ashleigh131 My Shadow Of Doom - No longer using these accounts for publishing stories.

Not knowing she is about to be kidnapped by the notorious Kaname Kuran. Based off of Taylor Swift's song You Belong With Me. Sasuke’s return to Konoha brings a many surprises to his former comrades and friends, as well as a wind of change along with the mysterious girl he brought with him. Is he right, or will she be one of the many girls who thinks geeks make for better lovers? Bella's parent's died protecting their daughter from James and Victoria. And now that they've been forced to take on the same journey, they'll have to tolerate each other... A Sessx Kag Romance/Adventure Bella was kidnapped by the Volturi in Eclipse, and now she's a vampire with no memory of her human life and so powerful she can kill any. When Edward left Bella in New Moon, she became a drug/cutting addict. I was brought back into this world by accident....I’m still here for a reason. Mason does not die in the strigoi house and Rose will face new enemies and challenges before it is over. With an old Underland freind there to greet her, will she have to make another painful decision? As she tries to start a new life in Underland, can she figure out her feelings for a certain hatter when the Red Queen returns for revenge? Bella keeps having dreams of a Cullen coming to see her. This is just a typical day at VA, except that Rose has some big news involving her and Dimitri. He put the tip of his finger in his mouth, and sucked it, seeing as that was where the mosquito had been squished. Happy times and bad times are bound to begin, but in the end what will be left? If you want details read 'chapter 2' and follow the instructions given. As if that weren't enough, Edward himself shows up again.[Fruits Basket xover]Never have things been harder for Kagome. Edward and Bella relationship blooms in the mix of windsurfing, dancing, and Mike Newton. “That means a lot to me."Naraku has kidnapped Kagome, Inuyasha and the group have spent two months looking for her with no avail. As each person stands in the center and tells something chaos insues through sand tricks, shadow possession, and more!

I found a prompt that said to put your music player on shuffle and write a story about whatever character/pairing you want to that song. Bella is in love with Edward Cullen her neighbor and best friend,but Edward has a girlfriend. Rose Hathaway is off to kill the love of her life and then she come across a dhampir and Moroi who need a travelling compainion. i said two months ago i fell for Christian in the hotel room, now i was completely in love with him. M for language, sexuality, and some underage drinking. The Volturi find her and take her home, becoming her new family. see what happens, and how perverted conversations get. What happens when her new assignment is to recrute a certain mindreader and future seeing vampire? She is sent to Rehab, but what if her doctor, who is supposed to help her get better, is the reason she's there? Bella was changed into a vampire in New Moon when searching for the meadow. My resurrection wasn’t expected....neither was my murder. I’m looking for my murderer.-Eclipse in Edward's POV- I stared menacingly at my adversary. If my angel’s heart were to stop beating it would be at my hands and my hands alone. But she is now a vampire of volturi with an amazing power. what if Rose graduated and became Lissa's guardian and went to the royal court, what if a Guardian named Aleksandr black helps heal Rose's heart. First fanfic; All characters belong to Richelle Mead, except for Patya Kozlov. INDEFINITE HIATUSWhat happens when Dimitri leaves to be Tasha's guardian and Rose is left to secretly deal with her pain? She fleas with Sesshomarus and Shippos help and is sent back to the future wounded. With the number of strigoi attacks increasing, moroi and dhampirs may have to go into hiding. Alice had decided to stay in Underland, much to the delight of the Mad Hatter. Post-BDAnastasia's school in Australia is no longer safe. A annoying Emmett, and a weak and moody Edward is too much for the family to handle... What happens when its not a a bella and edward story srry. After breaking up with her jerk of a boyfriend, Bella Swan has promised herself that she will never fall in love again. Okay, story picks up after Rose leaves the Academy and goes to Russia. Also the thing with Dhampir's not being able to have babies together doesn't exist. There she gets the blond Strigoi to let Dimitri and the others go. He closed his eyes, and once he opened them, I was staring at him. ” He asked, with the most innocent expression ever on his face. Co-written by vikkitori22One day, Bella learns that she's the lost Princess of France. Graduating from high school earlier than her peers at the age of 16, she decides to revisit her old high school two years later. [Full Summary Inside]Rose listens through the bond to a conversation between Lissa and Christian. Now a wind is blowing Kagome's scent to them, along with some unexpected trouble, on both Inuyasha and Kagome's side. We have a hostage situation at the Higurashi house. Kagome Sasuke Gaara Naruto Lee Sakura Ino Choji Temari Shikamaru Tenten Neji Edward and Bella are walking out of the church when Alice has a vision.

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