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This project is believed to have interfered significantly with SCP-001's ability to locate and perceive humanity and Earth during its lifetime, accounting for a sharp decline in the rate of new anomalous phenomena and fewer anomalies of a high-impact nature.

With the cessation of SCP-2798, SCP-001 has succeeded in locating and properly identifying the population of Earth, and resumed its direct influence over anomalous activity on Earth and local environs as of 2 November 2016.

11% of observed doors within SCP-167' now lead to rooms within other Foundation facilities.7% of observed doors within SCP-167' now lead to the Russian Federation's still-classified A tunnel complex in the Italian Dolomite Mountains containing a stone coffin, capable of producing biological copies of living human subjects placed inside. A tunnel complex in the Italian Dolomite Mountains containing a stone coffin, capable of producing biological copies of the mothers of living human subjects placed inside.Staff recalling the entirety of this message are ordered to seek amnestic treatment immediately. I don't remember what the contents of the message I'm supposed to send are. 3/11/2016 GMT — The day will come when this earth will be substituted with a new earth, and also the heavens, and everyone will be brought before GOD, the One, the Supreme. 3/11/2016 GMT — APOLLO62 is experiencing difficulties. Please use whatever backup systems are available to you. An unidentified humanoid, advertising itself as "The World's Best Dantist" [sic].Entity has been known to appear at low-cost dental service facilities, and is capable of generating a localized time anomaly, used to make the entity and its patient experience time at a much slower rate than the outside world.The purpose behind SCP-001's manipulation of local reality is not discernible with current information.

No means are now known of interfering directly with SCP-001.

Clones retain full memories of the original human they are based upon, and in cases where the original subject is deceased, memories of post-mortem experiences. Anomalous coffee machine capable of producing any beverage currently produced by the Coca-Cola Company or its subsidiaries, regardless of input.

Requests for non-Coca Cola Company products from SCP-294' will affect the company's stock price in a manner not yet understood at present, with requests for non-edible items such as antifreeze, weed killer and mercury displaying a tendency to result in sharp increases in trading.

Anomalous activity has been documented by the Foundation since its inception in ████, and evidence exists of such activity dating back to the beginnings of recorded history.

However, shortly after the formal establishment of the Foundation, this activity increased sharply, and early statistical models suggested a coordinated actor behind a significant amount of documented anomalies.

Hostile humanoid with corrosive effects on nearby matter, utilizing transdimensional space manipulation to capture prey subjects within an area under its absolute control for anomalously extended periods of time.