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Clearly, Noe is at great pains to assert that this is a very personal project, which would account for the wink-wink way components of his name are distributed to other characters, like Murphy and Omi's toddler son Gaspar (a very cute kid with a piercingly sad cry) and one of Electra's ex-lovers who's called Noe (Jean Couteau).It's hard to call if this work will make any more or less of a stir commercially.

OK, yeah, he clearly couldn't resist yet another cervix-eye view of penetration, but the only physical violence is a drunken brawl over in a few seconds, and then it's back to more sex and soul-searching.It's almost like Noe is trying to grow up, to move on and find a way to make films that won't revolt or disturb his viewers.(The characters are played, respectively, by Karl Glusman, Aomi Muyock and Klara Kristin.) Indeed, by Noe's standards, especially compared to his last is pretty innocuous, hardly shocking at all.This may seem like a surprising thing to say about a movie that features a tight close-up of a penis ejaculating into 3-D space at its audience.10 Erotic Books You Won’t Be Able To Take Your Hands Off!

10 Hottest Bollywood Scenes Of 2015 That’ll Steam Up Your Screens!But there are a few extremely adventurous movies which have featured real sex.Yep, actors have actually done the deed on-screen and the movies aren’t pornographic in nature. So here’s a list of 12 movies where the actors have had unsimulated sex! has caused some controversy because of language and scenes of nudity and sex.The same goes for the female characters, who are further handicapped by a script that doesn't let them be much more than ciphers.There's much talk of how troubled Murphy's great love Electra is, how she has a drug habit and demons ominous enough to worry her mother when she disappears for a few months, but she displays hardly any signs of an interior life. Ultimately, Electra is little more than another example of one of French cinema's favorite tropes, the Crazy Beautiful Sex Bomb Who Can't Be Tamed (see also: Beatrice Dalle's character in , for the most iconic deployment of this archetype).Read more Cannes: Gaspar Noe's ' Love' Hits Screen, but Will U. The more absent and unattainable she is, the more Murphy pines for her.