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Its just another bill that will reap headlines, cost us tax dollars and won't be enforcable except for the first 2 weeks when they "nab" some poor soul just to get their name in the headlines and tout the bills effectiveness.

These Little House on the Prairie Peg Dolls perfectly capture the simplicity of an earlier time while still staying true to each character.

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Assessing the style of a piece of furniture, such as a dining table, can help determine not only its age, but also from which part of the world it originated.

The condition and markings on the wood, the style and the hardware used to assemble the table can help determine if it's antique -- more than 100 years old -- or simply a collectible.

If a parent thinks his/her 10 year old can handle the stuff that happens in GTA, fine, buy the game for him.

It's just a safeguard that, frankly, is significantly better than the calls to prohibit certain content entirely from video games like violence against cops.

TG As a parent, I understand all too well the challenges in raising kids and keeping track of what they see and do.

If your family has used the same dining room table since you were young, there's a chance that you've been eating your dinner from a priceless antique.Begin by lightly drawing out the characters on the unfinished wooden peg dolls.Very coarse and irregular teeth marks can place the table to the late 16th century, when only basic handsaws were available.On The Banks of Plum Creek There is something timeless and quaint about homemade peg dolls.With no moving parts or batteries, they’re the perfect toy for the fully imaginative play that is so important in early childhood.Europe has a rich tradition of recognizable styles, from gothic to neo-classical, as does China and America, with its British colonial background.