Mdt 2016 update deployment not updating db info

One of the big new features in Configuration Manager CB – 1511 is the “Updates and Servicing” feature where new versions of Configuration Manager and updates will be published making it really easy to install a new build of Configuration Manager.

mdt 2016 update deployment not updating db info-43

Details: Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 deployments may witness faster driver installation/shorter mini-setup enumeration cycles.

Symptoms: Drivers failing to install or incorrectly installing resulting in failed deployments (up to and including blue screens: boot-critical drivers).

Complete the upgrade of each site before you begin to upgrade the next site.

Until all sites in your hierarchy are upgraded, your hierarchy operates in a mixed version mode.

Here’s the query to achieve this: (You can also refer to our Set of Operational Collection Powershell Script which contains this collection) [pastacode lang=”sql” manual=”select SMS_R_SYSTEM.

February 18, 2015 Symptoms: UIUPrep should be considering these specific drivers but does not, resulting in unexpected driver bangs or possibly blue screens.

Symptoms: ‘Old’ version of UIUPrep remained in the UIU Repository after an Online Update was performed and features/fixes supported in the updated version were not realized.

Resolution: Code corrected to properly identify and update the UIUPrep executables in the established UIU Repository.

Resolution: Drivers from a previous deployment, using the UIU, remain in the Driver Store and interfere with the driver refresh operation.

UIUPrep now clears out previously staged UIU Drivers prior to applying the newly refreshed drivers.

Before applying this update, we strongly recommend that you go through the upgrade check list provided on Technet.