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But as with running, you're only going to improve with practice, and the best way to practice is by incorporating a routine into your daily schedule.

Try beginning with 10-minute sessions every morning shortly after you get out of bed.

Coming back if you are distracted, keeping the clarity, the vividity, the vividness of that." Perhaps the most common misconception about meditation is that it's an exercise in freeing your mind of all thought, as if it's a quest to find an on-off switch in your brain.

Instead, meditation is a practice that lets you hone control over your thoughts by coming to the realization that you can choose to empower specific thoughts while ignoring others.

But during meditation, unless a specific practice calls for mouth exhalation, you can exhale through your nostrils, as well.

If the world of meditation is new to you and seems complicated, Tibetan Buddhist monk and bestselling author Matthieu Ricard recommends a simple exercise in compassionthat is also a form of mindfulness meditation.

There are many quality guided meditation apps available for both Android and i OS, and they serve as great introductions to the practice.

We particularly like Headspace, which offers a variety of guided mindfulness meditations tailored toward specific topics like the alleviation of anxiety or the promotion of creativity.

But you don't need to sit that way when you meditate. Practice consciously breathing by inhaling air through your nostrils in a way that your stomach pushes forward (the air reaching your lower lungs), rather than your chest pushing upward (the air remaining in your upper lungs).

If you need to hone this technique, try exhaling through your mouth.

If you'd like to try many different types of guided meditations or find one tailored to your faith, you can check out Insight Timer.

The same way you wouldn't start a running habit by running 10 miles on your first day, you shouldn't start a meditation routine by immediately attempting a 20-minute session.

Happy New Year to everyone from the London Diamond Way Buddhist Centre!