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Pieced together, records disclosed over four years of criminal proceedings tell a story of mistakes made at every juncture — by police, coroners and pathologists.The Harrisons’ surviving family members believe the murders of Bridget and Caleb could have been prevented if the first death had been properly investigated.Sirens blared as the ambulance arrived a few minutes past noon on Aug.

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An independent review will likely follow the internal investigation, Huyer said, but the institutions have not yet made a firm commitment.

The family has asked Attorney General Yasir Naqvi for a public inquiry.

His father ran Harrison’s Beauty Parlour, a business launched by Bill’s great-grandparents after they escaped slavery in Virginia and made their way to Canada on the Underground Railroad in 1837. Bridget launched a celebrated career in education, working as a teacher, principal, superintendent and special assistant to the education minister.

As a Black man and a white woman dating in the 1960s, Bill and Bridget faced racism, subtle and blatant, but remained deeply committed to each other. She would become a visionary in her field, a mentor to generations of students and teachers.

The ministry said that when considering a public inquiry it is important that criminal proceedings “be allowed to continue without interference or influence, so as not to jeopardize the integrity and independence of those proceedings.” Nicole Gallant, Caleb’s cousin, said the tragedy has left surviving family members with a lack of faith in the public systems meant to protect them. “I just don’t understand how none of them believed us.” for nearly four decades, 3635 Pitch Pine Cres.

For years, their concerns about who might be killing the Harrisons were brushed off. was a family hub — the default gathering place and second home to a large community of siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.Bill and Bridget bought the house in 1975, more than a decade after they fell in love backstage at the Stratford Festival.“They made it magic,” said Doug Blackwell, who drove down to his sister’s house from Kirkland Lake with his wife and daughters every Christmas and summer.They are not satisfied that separate internal reviews will have the scope, authority and independence necessary to fully uncover the facts and prevent mistakes from being repeated. Evans was deputy police chief when Bridget and Bill died, and at least four of the province’s top coroners and forensic pathologists were involved in the Harrison death investigations.A spokesperson for the ministry did not rule out an inquiry, but said it would be “inappropriate” to comment on the specifics of the Harrison case because appeals have been filed.Now paramedics and police stood over Caleb’s body and noted troubling injuries: bruising and abrasions on his neck, swollen knuckles, deep scratches on his chest. Sonya Mackin, a forensic identification services officer, entered through the front door and, seeing the carpeted staircase leading to the second floor, had the same flash of memory as the paramedic.