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Any advice on how this works AM has changed a fair bit and its looking like a top choice but if you aint using nostringsaffair which is a gr8 site that doesnt cost you and arm and a leg, then you need to be broadening those horizons and checking that out. I have reported them before but they are worse now.Mark S (37) If you're an older married fella (50 ) whose thinking he's gonna have a hot steamy affair with a single or married woman who looks like a Fox News babe (Mac Callum, Perino, et al), you're gonna be disappointed and burn thru a lot of credits getting there. "before we meet you need to buy this pass" Girls with sudden money emergencies, they are, nicer, pretty, more elaborated, until they need a medication, book, tuition, etc on emergency basis, probably also some guy sitting in an indonesia IT shop... AM makes money if you accept a collect message or initiate a message with them.

No matter which site you chose be patient and watch out for African scammers.

Ashley Madison hasnt got me laid yet but its early days & its looking pretty positive (fingers & toes are crossed lol! I have a membership on which has worked for me a few times so I'm using those two.

3 Don't send out boring messages like Hi and Hey There or Hey, whats up?! Most sites have an unevenly distributed member base throughout many regions and countries.

So no matter what it makes sense to join several sites and check them out. When I began on AM I was contacted by several women a day. All were decades younger than me and when challenged about the age thing, they said it did not matter. Some asked that I go through a verification process that would assure them that I was legitimate and provide them a way to backtrack to me if I turned out to be threatening or actually abused them. I discovered that those who requested that I validate myself were willing to guide me through the process.

I could send 0 to a place in the Philippines using money gram.

The validation would be provided and a card would be issued to me providing proof of validation. I received at least two threatening messages from Ashley Madison customer service saying claiming that I was not agreeing to obtain a validation and that my account would be charged every month for my failure to complete the validation process.

Ashley Madison customer service suggested offered alternative links to me and I tried these but my credit cards were always turned down regardless of the link supplied by Ashley Madison.

Finally Ashley Madison offered to provide a work around.

The woman was just looking for a man who would demonstrate a caring behavior and share love with her.

After several days of texting back and forth the woman would ask for money to help with her expenses. Both women described themselves as working for charitable causes in Africa.

I mean you have a place with literally millions of men and women all looking for an affair. Let me show you how to be successful on Ashley Madison or on any other affair website: 1 - Never take pictures of your p#$#* or even mention the size of it on your profile and never send any other nasty pictures.