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Zvyozdochkin and Malutin decided to design a doll that would convey the very core of the Russian century Russia, emphasizing the fact that this doll represents all Russia women.

At a deeper level, for many, this name came to symbolize motherhood, fertility, and warm care, as at the root of the name Matryona, lies the Latin word “mater,” or mother.

Nesting dolls (matryoshka, russian dolls, babushka or stacking dolls) for sale!

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Matryoshkas make a great gift for a child because he/she is still forming his/her perception of the world.With the help of nesting dolls you can teach your child about family generations that are sharing a special bond filled with love and caring for each other.Finally, even the shape of this doll conveys the feeling of motherly love and safety, as it did for thousands of years, at least as far back as 26,000 years, which is evident by such archaeological discoveries as , found in Austria, which exhibits the same general form of a very shapely female figure.It is of no surprise then, that in the most common nesting doll sets, the largest doll represents the mother and the smaller matryoshkas represent her children, portraying the typical Russian family, coming to symbolize, at the same time, some of the oldest human social structures – the closely-knit, compact, and interdependent organization of a family. In Russian, the word "babushka" means "grandmother." The reason for that is that babushka is the ultimate mom!Although the artistic design and popularity of Russian stacking dolls has greatly evolved through the decades, the methods that are used to produce them haven't changed at all since 1890.

The process of making the dolls is very meticulous itself, and greatly relies on the wood turning skills of Russian craftsmen.

Russian dolls make great collector's items because of their uniqueness and painstaking detalization.

Adults all over the world collect matryoshka, because even one matryoshka can add unique style and elegance to the interior décor of your home.

A girl becomes a mom, a babushka, a grand babushka, and it goes on forever.

Russian Dolls give us a reminder never to forget these ties between generations.

The eventual range in styles included the famous in its own right, white and blue porcelain designs, the world renowned Pavlovo Posad shawl and Russian scarf designs, as well as caricatures of Russian families belonging to varying socio-economic classes such as peasants, nobles, merchants, farmers and laborers – people from all walks of life.