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The singer who supposedly introduced the two were also startled as he does not even know the two people." Legal actions were announced to be taking place as YG Entertainment said, "Kang Dong Won seems to have been trying to just ignore the rumors," and added "However, we will find and take legal actions against the one who started this dating rumor."Not only Kang Dong Won, but many fans were startled by the ongoing rumors.

On March 1, a website published false articles about Kang Dong Won and his actress girlfriend, who some are speculating to be Jung Ryeo Won.

This rumor has previously surfaced in the past and was clarified as a false.

I know YG don't like to sue or ...something,whatever ppl said they never do something that's why I loved but sometime I think they should do coz when I read knet comments they're so over on YG artists ; but.. Celebrities face these sort of rumors all the time, and while really annoying when unfounded, I think taking legal actions against those is going way overboard. I think that's just a scare tactic to get the rumors to stop.

If they had accused him of committing a crime, or of faking his education, then sure, go ahead and sue, that is defamation. ; Things like that can affect a Korean celebrity's fanbase and sometimes dating rumors can spark a lot of antis.

SEE ALSO: Cute interaction between BTS' Jungkook and a young fan goes viral One netizen posted on an online community that Jungkook and Yein might be dating, based on some of the "evidence" they provided below.

First, they began by pointing out the fact that the two idols are look-alikes.

Article: Ailee, voluminous body Source: Asia Today via Nate 1. [ 97, -30] Yoo Hyun Joo is the standard for voluminous 4. Ailee's past isn't clean either like Swings so why can't Swings focus on his music too?

[ 316, -52] If she looks like this in reporter photos, then she's about chubby in real life. [ 27, -19] I bet you she's going to gain a ton of weight when she gets married... As a fan, I know that she needs to be really strict with managing herself.

Stop writing fiction, keep your imagination to yourself", "Being look-alikes is proof they're dating?

I wonder who [the female idol] will be tomorrow", "I'm just gonna laugh and go", and so on.

[ 1,025, -39] Why are all the pictures of Seolhyun going to see Zico ㅋㅋㅋ - Source: Naver 1.