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It make makes me want to shout, “Stop, stop.” But sometimes they still won’t go away.’Jamie’s story is not unique.He is just one of the growing number of young patients referred by social services, youth offender services and police to the Portman Clinic — where I work as a psychotherapist.

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It formed the start of the entire OKO ecosystem – a decentralized VR platform with an anonymous payment system for anyone on earth, even those living in the most conservative countries in the world.Further development in the pornography market will be determined by a combination of two leading technologies: VR and blockchain.While it’s not his real name, Jamie is typical of the young men I meet.He explained: ‘The websites led me to other websites and soon I was looking at even weirder stuff I could never have imagined — animals, children, stabbing and strangling.The VR OKO movie library includes more than 500 titles in 40 different genres. You can already purchase the headset from the official website and partner stores.

Both the headset and the movies can be purchased with cryptocurrency.

I also treat children who are so frustrated at being unable to live out their fantasies in everyday life — and so confused by the message of endless sexual availability on the web — that they have committed rapes or sexual assaults.

Another case is Andrew, aged 13, who was referred to the clinic because he has been abusing his five-year-old half-sister.

Our headquarters are located in Prague, with representatives and distribution offices in 8 cities across 4 countries.

Our native customer base includes over 900,000 clients.

Okoin has already become widespread as a means of payment for adult sites, sex stores, online chats and other thematic resources.