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Clearly these students need more exposure to written English, and wide reading is the most effective way of increasing exposure to this kind of language.

Can wide reading really be enough to help students learn so many words? First, there is the evidence of those avid readers who acquire large vocabularies largely apart from any type of explicit instruction in vocabulary.

Second, there is a growing body of research showing that, although the odds of learning any particular word from context are small, the cumulative effects of learning from reading can be large.

One is that it obviously cannot be effective with very young students who are not yet able to read very much on their own.

Another limitation is that, although wide reading may be effective in producing general vocabulary growth, it is not an effective method for teaching the words that students need to master a particular selection or a concept related to a specific content area.

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Finally, it is important to acknowledge that, as important as it is, wide reading does not produce immediate, magic results; its effects are cumulative, and emerge over time. The effects of participatory expectations in classroom discussion on the learning of science vocabulary.

You can encourage wide reading in a number of ways. American Educational Research Journal, 24, 541—556.

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