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“So, yes — I think it does matter.”Lindsay Parks Pieper, assistant professor of sport management at Lynchburg College in Virginia and author of “I do think it matters, because ‘lady’ presents a certain type of image, and has certain gender, racial, and class connotations,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle. I think ladies definitely has a certain connotation. It puts women in a secondary, or inferior, position right up front.

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That same year, Vinokourov and Kashechkin took first and third places in general classification at Vuelta a Espana '06 in Spain.

In September 2006, Vino won the 61st Vuelta a España by attacking Alejandro Valverde in dramatic fashion with 23km to go in Stage 17.

His Astana Team thus suspended him and left le Tour, taking out fellow Kazakh Andrej Kashechkin.

After "Vino" had his B-sample come back positive, he was sacked.

The men's team is becoming stronger and participating in major international tournament.

The aims: to develop students’ skills in reading, speaking, to be able to speak about our motherland, to develop pupils’ logic thinking, memory, to bring them up to love our country and to be an individual citizen of our country. Kazakh is the official language of the country, but Russian and other languages are spoken here too.“women” in the events, but was told to take it up with the governing bodies of the sports.“The International Federations are responsible for the rules and regulations of their sport,” the email notes. It borders on China in the East and the Caspian Sea in the West, Russia in the North and the states of Asia in the South.Kazakhstan has hundreds of nationalities and all people can speak their native language.In 19 two Kazakh boxers (, including a gold in the 50 km competition in 1994.