Omega males dating

Betas often try to downplay alphas and omegas strengths so that they look better in front of others.

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The problem today is men and women are told they can "have it all", so they keep holding out for that perfect person that never comes.

Thus the men who perhaps aren't getting dates consider themselves "omega" and the guys getting women easily are seen as "alpha".

PLUS..have to want her as well, so if she's the kind of woman they don't limits her choices even more. If a woman wanted an exciting good looking guy who wants a wife and kids, then she by all means should go seek that.

However, if she finds that her entire available dating pool has no such man, then she has to rethink it all..wides the region and perhaps go long distance.

However, if their area/region only has athletic guys who won't commit ever in life, then it limits her.

She can't claim she's got hundreds of options if she really wants to get married, but all those guys do not.

An Alpha Male MUST absolutely be perceived by his peers as the toughest, most popular, and smartest.

An Omega Male cares little for this recognition..knows that he is all those things and more.

I know plenty of alphas that are cocky and reckless and attract certain kinds of women.

I don't act that way and I don't attract those women (nor would I want to).

Aaron Alpha wants his software team to use the Agile method to write their new program, and goes on and on about it in every meeting.