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This structure is more important than gender defined roles.

Traits like leadership that don’t interfere with this vertical social structure are encouraged (Yamaguchi, 2000).

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These ideals took the ideas of brotherly love and used them to make men fight to the point of suicidal charges and general waste of life. Loyalty to Imperial Japan and courage were also fuel for the bloody violence. I recommend watching this film if you are interested in seeing how traditional morals can be distorted to encourage violence.

Post WWII Occupation abruptly changed the gender roles of Japan.

Interestingly, women could own and inherit property and family position in feudal Japan.

They were expected to control the household budget and household decisions to allow men to serve their lord.

These ideas defined Japanese society up until the end of World War II.

The integration of Confucian hierarchical structures where men were dominate shifted gender roles into a patriarchal system.

They help define how a person relates or belongs to another person or group.

(senior-junior) relationships are how people are ranked in companies and schools.

Both men and women shared expectations under the Confucian system: loyalty and courage.

Men were expected to be loyal to their lords; women were to be loyal to their family and husband.

During the feudal era, men were expected to be well rounded.