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What Sara found was that it led to suspiciousness, distrust, constant questioning, a regulated and insular life style, with increasing anxiety that gradually and insidiously, ate away at her happiness.

I know of no one that can be happy in a relationship like that. Might garner and garden 411 from it in an entertaining way, your readers as well.

He dumped me after 2 weeks when his paranoid thoughts came back.

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Right now especially, my boyfriend has made a friend at work who is female (same age as myself). Why don't people listen to their intuition any longer?

Aside from my suspicions its clear that she's romantically interested in him... It is a distorted way of thinking; however with right therapist you can make incredible progress.

Look up suspicious in WIKI HOW , they have a great tutorial Thank you for your comment and support...

I have recently talked about this issue with my therapist and my boyfriend about it and I am feeling somewhat more confident.

Over the years in researching my book, I collected the words that describe the paranoid personality based on what was reported by those that had lived with them or had been victimized by them. Words alone may not mean a lot but in the aggregate, they give shape and form to help us understand something is wrong with the individual they describe—individuals that are, as Stuart Yudofsky, M. When we couple the words of the victims with the recognized behavioral traits of the paranoid personality, we get a better picture of these individuals.

There is wisdom in their unfiltered words — the words of those who have lived it in vivo. Had Sara known of these traits or what it would be like to live with a paranoid personality, she would have been more careful.It is always wise to check with a mental health professional in these cases and recognizing these chronic behaviors is a start. If they are skitz, they will attack without warning. Eventually my parents divorced and I only had a pretty abusive mother around. People who have character flaws need to be treated with respect, dignity, and kindness and nothing here should take away from that. I now recognize that I'm extremely paranoid of other women especially around my age. While it is too late for Sara, she has already lived this; it is not for the rest of us. Habitually questions intentions of others, including spouse, intimate relations, family, or workmates. Is guarded, secretive, devious, scheming, or thinks others around him are that way. Is unbending in thoughts and ideas—stubbornly holds onto beliefs with rigid thinking. Holds grudges for a long time and is not forgiving of slights, even after many years. Is a chronic complainer and malcontent—never satisfied everything is above board or assumes something nefarious is at play. Claims that past failings at work, life, or in relationships have been the direct fault of others.Consider the aforementioned words from the victims and examine these 15 behavioral traits that are often associated with the paranoid personality: 1. 9 Has a need to control family members or loved ones very strictly and may be very regimented. Never seems to be happy—all too often is on edge, anxious, or irritated—there always seems to be a looming threat “out there.” 11.It doesn't help that I'm already so paranoid but now I feel too bitter to react normally to his friendship with her. Overall I don't express my paranoia but I feel it.. I wish I could heal but despite therapy I feel like a part of me will always lack trust. Don't settle for just anyone, go to a specialist, make them work!