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The Hutton Memorial is located along a trail on the north side of the canyon.

It honors Murray Lee Hutton, a strong conservationist and first director of the Iowa State Conservation Commission in 1935.

The sandstone "Ledges" rise nearly 100 feet above the floor of the streambed.

The sandstone was deposited 300 million years ago following the retreat of the shallow sea that covered much of the midwest.

Ledges has a long history of being flooded by the nearby Des Moines River.

The major flood water levels have been recorded on a "flood pole" located in the lower area of the park. The Oak Woods picnic shelter and nearby restroom, located in the eastern area of the park, are fully accessible.While most of the trails include steep portions, a fully accessible interpretive trail to Lost Lake is located at the southern part of the park.An interpretive trail featuring lichens (small plant-like organisms growing on trees and rocks) is located in the picnic area between the east entrance and the Oak Woods shelter.Parking is located both at the top (east) of Canyon Drive and the bottom (west) of Canyon Drive to access the area on foot from either direction.Many other picnic areas, trails, and both open shelters remain open and accessible by vehicle.At the time of European settlement, the Ledges area was inhabited by the Sauk, Fox (now the Mesqwakie) and Sioux.