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That's the city where I spend most of my time, a nice pace where to live. I'm really into arts, mostly graffiti, but I still love to stare at some old masterpieces. I wouldn't bother contacting me if you're not ok with that, I don't know why you would to begin with anyway. I have a longer conversation with my Goldfish as with you Sharks.

I'm Sanni from IT, actually studying languages in Genova. I'm an 18 year old gay boy from Scotland and I guess I'm mostly looking to talk to people like me. And if you're willing to be my tutor for Spanish language would be much appreciated I look forward for your messages! Because most of you men are fake on here with Zero personality ......

A little more info about my interests (-hint hint-): '80s and synth music, the Roman era and the Byzantine empire, historical texts and fantasy novels, pets of any kind, and culture.

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I also like video games such as any of NHL,motocross, skyrim and assassians creed so if your intrested hit me up also I'd pefer to email ;p Hi!

I'm looking for someone to practice my Greek (beginning level) or my Spanish (intermediate, four years of study). Even if you're not into languages, I would still love to be friends.

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married, a professional College English teacher and teachers trainer. I am happily married and only interested in friendship and getting acquainted with nice people from all over the world.