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The creation and the story of Adam and Eve are symbolic to each individual and the entire human race.

The Adam and Eve story symbolizes the Plan of Salvation and teaches members about their individual part in that plan.

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Temples are lighted, so they can easily be seen at night, and they are most often built on a hill, so they can be seen from afar.

Lighted temples in the darkness symbolize the power and the inspiration of the gospel of Jesus Christ standing as a beacon in a world that sinks ever further into spiritual darkness.

If members follow the commandments of God, they believe that they will one day be able to partake of this fruit and be with God.

The Tree of Life reminds members that God loves His people and wants them to partake of His love, so they can be with Him.

The Tree of Life and the partaking of the fruit, symbolizes members desires to be with their Savior, Jesus Christ.

The fruit on the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil symbolizes free agency, making correct choices, temptations, and the right/ability to act for ourselves.God wanted Adam and Eve to have free agency, so He gave Adam and Eve the right to choose.This choice symbolizes the free agency God promised to His children in the pre-mortal existence.The culture is geographically concentrated in the Mormon Corridor in the United States, and is present to a lesser extent in many places of the world where Latter-day Saints live.In some aspects, Latter-day Saint culture is distinct from church doctrine.Scriptures used by members in the temple increase and strengthen members testimonies.