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The others were: FWU 231, FYG 809, GWT 340, GWW 292, HWR 61, HWT 531 & HWW 642 The last of these was withdrawn in 1958.

Certainly Lincolnshire were in the town by the late 1930’s and some of these were absorbed.

It would be unusual for a Tilling company to retain an old operators name unless it was very substantial, in which case I would have anticipated seeing it somewhere in those sources.

13/10/17 Whereabouts of Portsmouth Corp’n Crossley Condor Does anyone know the current whereabouts of Portsmouth Corporation’s 1931 Crossley Condor recovery wagon – RV 720 and its condition?

Chris Hebbron Re RV 720 – it is sitting in the corner of the CPPTD (City of Portsmouth Preserved Transport Depot) depot at Wicor Farm where it has been stored for Portsmouth Museum & Records Service for some years (along with a Tower Wagon and trolley 201).

United and West Yorkshire were both part of the nationalised British Transport Commission and their mainstream buses were generally of the same types: Bristol K/Eastern Coachworks (lowbridge type): Bristol K/Eastern Coachworks (highbridge type): Bristol FS/Eastern Coachworks: Bristol L/Eastern Coachworks: Bristol LS/Eastern Coachworks; Bristol MW/Eastern Coachworks: United also had their ten seafront service buses: Hardwicks Services to Ebberston etc – They had three double deckers which I photographed circa 1967.

Two were Leylands which were new in the early 1950s so would have definitely been around in 1962. with=36746820 Naturally, coaches of East Yorkshire, United and West Yorkshire were very familiar as were coaches of scores of other companies. By the way just where in Scarborough is Gallows Close?It is complete, but has not run for many years and could do with a new coat of paint.I am not so sure about the 1940s/50s – my impression was that East Notts was a late invention (by NBC? non-Lincolnshire) routes of Lincolnshire Road Car Co – mainly, I think, Newark locals (80 Farndon; 81 Balderton; 82 Hawtonville – there may have been others). I have checked a number of sources which reference larger independents in Newark (Wright’s, Gash) and long gone smaller ones such as Goodwin, Garood etc., but no mention of an East Notts.Many thanks to David and Pat for the speedy response to my question re. A pity they did not run for Southdown as they would have looked superb in that wonderful green livery!Not that they were not superb looking in their distinctive EYMS colours!I would love to see a photo of these buses in Southdown livery if they did, indeed, run for that concern.