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The information below started as a project to determine who makes all those American sounding brand names knives and where they were actually made.

I started doing this as an effort not to buy junk knives.

While this is not an all inclusive list, it does cover many major production brands that knife collectors will come across.

Product notes: 5.11 is a US based company producing tactical and out-door extreme weather clothing and equipment.

Their knives are outsourced to Blade Tech with production occurring Taiwan.

Blades are normally Gerber's 420 HC stainless steel.

Product notes: Bill Dance Outdoors is a fishing television series hosted by retired professional tournament angler Bill Dance. As I've only seen the knives sold on Cutlery Corner Network, his products may be a rebranded line of Frost knives.

Product notes: From what I understand Bear n Bull is an old German TM with products made in Solingen.

After bankruptcy, the TM was bought by Frost, and assembly was moved to Pakistan and or China with final inspection occuring in Germany Product notes: Not an actual brand name but a line of survival knives/gear with the knives being global produced and marketed through Gerber with the endorsement and approval of survivalist/TV personality Bear Grylls.Products tend to be traditional pattern folders and hunters.Product notes: Blackjack knives has a storied past. Before that it was owned by SMKW(Blue Ridge) who bought it from Knifeware Inc.If you see the word in a description it means either company is located in more than one country or its production occurs in more than one country and is location of production is unknown.If you would like me to add a knife maker email me at Please provide any information you have.If you are looking for information on a company not already listed, again email me. Once verified, I will add the knife maker to the list.