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It looked ridiculous, and at the same time it felt urgent.

Watching the trailer again — in which swipes on a dating app are interspersed with beautiful people screaming — it looked explicitly argues that dating apps have ruined romance, or made long-term love impossible.

When he finds out on Facebook that his ex-wife is now the happy mother of a six-month-old baby boy, he fishtails into a night of guiltily watching old home videos and composing a verbose email to her about his lingering regrets. That, and the leads in both films are objectively beautiful, charming, perfectly lit, articulate, and poreless in a way that makes their love story seem more than a little detached from the broader human experience it’s meant to represent.

which is funny, because it was our greyness that made us human all along.” It’s a doozy of a speech, only lightly rebuffed as “cheesy” by its recipient.

And if you’re alive and dating in the age of dating apps, it’s not particularly pleasant to listen to.

is really not a clear thesis about the impact of dating apps on romance and love.

The few dating-app conversations on-screen are bland enough to read like first-draft placeholders.

But you’re ordering a person.” Just a year later, people from the same generation told ’s Julie Beck about their “dating app fatigue,” saying, “It really is sifting through a lot of crap,” and “Maybe everyone who’s on Tinder now are like the last people at the party trying to go home with someone.” Search “Tinder ruined dating,” and you’ll find no shortage of personal essays, Reddit threads, and expansive, reported features arguing as much.

At the same time, Tinder rebutted Sales by claiming it had already facilitated 8 billion “matches” in late 2015.In one, Gabi says, “Points for not sending a dick pic!” The first act of the film shows Gabi and Martin finding match after beautiful match, sleeping with them seemingly whenever, and then gossiping cheerfully about it.Sales’ 2015 article quoted young people who said things like “You can’t be stuck in one lane…There’s always something better,” and “It’s like ordering Seamless.article went viral after it drew a defensive flurry of sarcastic tweets from Tinder.