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Once they’ve checked in to the New Orleans Hotel (or whatever hotel they’re staying at), attendees crowd the halls and showrooms looking for a fun way to break the ice.

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Which seems unlikely because the calendar is jam-packed with shows, games, and meetups. There’s more to it than that,” said Tom, who has spent decades putting together a rock-awesome event for people all over the world.

“People really connect to it.” “It’s the Mecca of everything vintage,” Robbyn said.

You can take a date to a burlesque show or a tattoo lounge or even the on-site wedding chapel to share an unforgettable moment at the longest running music festival in Las Vegas.

Mark your calendars because this year Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend promises a nonstop musical extravaganza featuring the Stray Cats, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Duane Eddy.

A singles meetup, sober meetup, and LGBTQ meetup help people, especially those traveling alone, come out of their shells and make friends right off the bat.

“It’s a social club,” said Robbyn Bukowski, who has helped run the event for the last five years.Some people spend their days humming jukebox songs from the ‘50s and wishing they could take a time machine back to the days of poodle skirts and letter sweaters.They love old-fashioned rock’n’roll music and vintage cars, but they don’t have many outlets in their daily lives to explore those passions and meet people who share their interests.“The meetups are for people looking to make friends.It gives people a chance to meet, hang out, and have people to go to shows with throughout the weekend.” If you want to start building social connections before the event even starts, you can always join the Facebook group, which has over 25,000 members.“Attendees can walk around and go to shows whenever and wherever they want,” Tom explained.