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Even if they do manage to save up enough money to buy their own boat (as all sailors are trying to do) chances are it will be a rotting hunk of junk, because boats are expensive to maintain.

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With the facilities to sail 365 days a year, we attract a diverse range of members from all out race sailors competing locally, nationally and internationally to casual canoeist and sailboarders.

We have a full sailing calendar to suit all levels from training to racing both at Combs and away.

has a long history of watersport at the reservoir dating back to 1950.

This non profit organisation is run by its members for its members and offers fantastic value for money compared to many other clubs and sports.

Experience Norway's changing landscape on the Classic Round Voyage.

We are pleased to continue our series of direct, exclusive charter flights from a choice of regional airports to Bergen throughout winter (October 2018 - April 2019).

Croatia's serene seas and enchanting towns create the perfect stage for an insane event and continue to call us back year after year. Relatively untouched, Croatia is comprised of charismatic harbour towns, smooth sailing, fantastic forts, spectacular inland waterfalls and a stunning Adriatic coastline.

Our adult-only beachclub means if you love the idea of a Neilson holiday, but also like the idea of child-free downtime, Buca Beachclub is the one for you.

But when you — or your body, or your sexual habits — are the target of the joke, as they inevitably will be, they tend to get a lot less funny very, very quickly.

Sailors’ wages are always crap, and whatever money they do make goes on beer.

With only 57 rooms and an à la carte club board meal service, it's a small hotel with a boutique vibe.