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So choose your Mexican restaurant with care, for there is a roll of shame out there among the plastic cacti and the big hats.

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No awful over-sugared "sours" mix or chemical cocktail unguent. This is a world away from the slush puppy extrusions which require a spoon to eat.It is also rather better than the version they serve at Mariachi, newly opened in Victoria Street, Edinburgh.If you're using sponged-up powdered gelatine, this will take a little longer to dissolve.Cool the chocolate cream, then pour it into six glasses and leave to set.Salt that sharpens and defines the unguent creaminess of the cheese, and marries the different layers of flavour, from corn, to vinegary jalapeo, to cheese, to lime.

The crunch of those warm tortilla chips offers primal satisfaction; the bandito zap of the chilli-rich home-made salsa performs a drum solo on the palate. Rollicking, explosive fun with not a subtle nuance to be found.

There is enough lemon rind and vanilla in the recipe to make a real impact on the taste buds, and it is a winner with so very many people who try it.

2 sheets of gelatine, soaked in cold water, or 2 teaspoons of powdered gelatine, sponged up in 2 tablespoons of cold water.

The vanilla and lemon creamy cold rice is an old-fashioned summer pud for special occasions, whether lunch or dinner.

It is extremely convenient because it can be made two days in advance, provided that it is kept in a covered bowl in the fridge until half an hour before being served.

Okay, so you may not find it in the Larousse encyclopaedia of gastronomy (come to think of it, you aren’t going to find mince and tatties there, either).