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There will be no photos from inside the event per the bride's request.

That was also the case on Wednesday, but Serena's sister Lyndrea seemed to violate that request as she posted a pic of herself with WME executive Carlos Fleming.

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Among those who were seen getting out of the car with Serena at her New Orleans rental was her nephew Jair.

He is the teenage son of Serena's late sister Yetunde, who was murdered in a 2003 shooting when a gang member opened fire on her believing her vehicle was that of a rival.

Serena, 36, was not spotted at all as she hid between tinted windows and managed to dart into the venue out of sight thanks to the tenting covering most of the parking lot.

Daily did capture Isha Price sitting in the front seat of a chauffeured car as it pulled in on Thursday, with Serena's older sister appearing to be in a green velvet look.

Thursday night's affair was a bit more low-key, however, with Serena staying true to her tennis roots by pairing Nikes with her gown, designed by good friend Donatella Versace.

Her couture pieces start in the five-figure range and can cost well over 0,000, with the exquisite detailing all hand-stitched using crystals and pearls.And Lagase himself showed up to the restaurant at pm to prepare for his famous guests, shutting down the facility for the evening to accommodate the party.Serena is set to walk down the aisle on Thursday, marrying millionaire Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian in a dream wedding that will take place at The Contemporary Art Center, as first reported by Daily Preparations were also underway all day Wednesday at The Contemporary Art Center.Air-conditioned tents were being erected throughout the parking lot while tableware and cases of wine from Chateau Smith were unloaded along with a giant carousel.Many of Serena's high-profile pals are not arriving in The Big Easy until Thursday, a move that was likely meant to try and keep the day of the nuptials under wraps.